Beurico Beauty Supply Fills a Need

Tomas Eurico shows off some of the many hair products offered at the new mall business, Beurico Beauty Supply, which opened at Westland Mall Saturday, Nov. 5. There are wigs, hair extensions, a variety of shampoos, catering to men and women alike of various ethnicities. Photo/Chris Faulkner

By Chris Faulkner

It’s Business 101 to “find a need and fill it,” and Ruth Barosy-Eurico saw a need she could fill soon after moving to Burlington.

“I noticed very quickly there weren’t many beauty supplies in the area,”  Ruth Barosy-Eurico, who opened Beurico Beauty Supply on Nov. 5 at Westland Mall.

“We only had Sally’s and a few products from Target and Walmart,” she said.

There also weren’t many options for people of different ethnicities.

“I felt a need for a full score beauty supply store that carried products for all ethnicities and hair types,” she said.

The store’s name combines the B in Barosy with her husband Tomas’s surname, and he manages the store.

They are open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If it has to do with hair, Beurico likely has it.

“We carry all types of hair extensions,” Barosy-Eurico said, including clip-ins and sew-ins.

“We have a huge variety of crochet hair. It’s getting more popular now where you actually crochet the hair into your own hair.”

Braided hair is more and more common, and Barosy-Eurico said she will soon have an in-store hair braider after the customer buys an extension.

Another need for the area is wigs. “We have a huge variety of wigs,” she said. “Nobody else sells wigs.”

Barosy-Eurico said some women use wigs to protect their hairstyles.

“They braid up their hair, and put on the wig, so they’re not damaging their hair all the time,” she said.

“We have shampoo for natural hair, women or men who do not have chemical straighteners in their hair,” Barosy-Eurico said. “We also carry for processed, or relaxed, hair.”

They also sell makeup.

But the diversity of her clientele is what Barosy-Erico touts most about her business.

“All ages is one of our pride and joy,” she said, “providing products for all ethnicities, both sexes.”

“We carry products for men as well, especially beard care, oils, and after shave.”

Barosy-Eurico had plenty of knowledge about hair care products, but she needed to learn how to run a business.

“I did my research, and I also used resources such as a small business bureau in downtown Burlington,” Barosy-Eurico said of the Southeast Iowa Small Business Development Center. 

“They were very informative and guided us in the right direction, gave us some ideas.”

Malls have come into tough times due to increased internet buying leading stores to shutter their doors.

But don’t tell Barosy-Eurico that choosing the mall was a bad option.

“The mall turned out to be the perfect location due to its easy access, the visibility, and open parking lot,” she said. Parking is limited in downtown Burlington.

Her store is just north of the U.S. Cellular store, which is in the same area as the food court.

“We think that the size is perfect,” she said. “With proper organization, it was a perfect fit.”

Speaking of perfect fits, “This has been a dream plan for the past two years, and the timing and opportunity presented itself now,” Barosy-Eurico said.

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